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He giggles again. In one swift motion he pulls down his briefs and his cock jumps out proudly out of its confines. It is cut and beautiful, a number of  inches but looks bigger on his slim body. The tip almost hits my face. The balls are nice and hang low in the sack. I know I ll enjoy rolling them in my mouth. The cock emanates heat and horniness.

Gangbang In The Park

I was just 18 when my parents moved to the suburbs from a large city. I'm Todd 180lbs 5'10" athletic build. It was a warm sunny afternoon I was bored and feeling horny. I decided to check on squirt to see if there were any cruising places near by. There was one place not too far. I decided now would be a good time to check it out. It's a large national park dotted with lakes. Best place to start the parking lots then the trails. When I got to the park there was only one truck in the parking lot it didn't look too hopeful. The occupant had long hair making me think it was a woman. I could see a path just beyond the truck leading into the park. I decided I would make my way towards it. To do so I at to pass the truck close by. The driver rolled his window down as I passed a well-formed hairy forearm and large hand came out beckoning me over to the truck. I knew now for definite it was not a female in the truck. When I got closer I could see it was a guy with long dark hair and 2 or 3 days stubble on his chin.
"Where you going boy?" He asked, as he looked me up and down. "Nowhere in particular Just walking," I replied. He took a final drag on his cigarette and flicked it away. "You interested in going for a drive?" He asked as he blew the cigarette smoke out his mouth and down his nose. "Sure," I said. I walked around the truck, he leaned over and opened the door, and I climbed in. He looked so fucking gorgeous and I was feeling so fucking horny that I hadn't given any thought to the risk that I was taking. Immediately I noticed he had that just finished work look about him. He wore cut off jeans revealing his well-developed hairy legs and a T-shirt, which were covered in dust and sweat. He looked like he was in need of a shower. He wore heavy construction boots. He looked to be mid-30s muscular build 240-250lbs maybe.
"How old are you boy?" he asked. "18," I said. He looked at me quizzically. "You don't look 18 to me boy, you look younger. You jailbait? " Fuck no, I'm 18 I can prove it. I have a driving license." I showed it to him. "Todd uh," he chuckled. "I'm Carl. WOW! Just 18. Move closer boy" he said. He lifted my T-shirt and stroked my naked chest. "Un-feathered Mmmmm! Nice and smooth," he said as he leaned over and gently kissed my face. His hand then stroked my leg working his way up to my crotch. The feel of his hands on me made me tremble. "You nervous "? He asked, "Uhhh! Yeah kinda," I stammered feeling off guard as his hand made its way into my underwear and fondled my hardening cock. "Relax you have nothing to fear all I wanna do is fuck you," he said. When he said that an erotic sensation shot through my body making me shake even more.
He unzipped his pants and his massive flaccid thick cock flopped out. I looked at it with wide-open eyes it was making my mouth water. He held it in his hand and looked at me "You like it?" He asked. "Fuck yeah Mmmm" I said. "Hold it" he said. It felt warm and heavy as it lay on the palm of my hand. "Kiss it" I kissed it and could not resist licking the shaft down to his pubic hairs. "That's for you boy if you want it, you want me to fuck you with it?" He asked with a grin on his face and a glint in his eyes.
I nodded frantically with my head to indicate I did and at the same time I said out loud, "YEEEEAH I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME!!!"
"Then suck it." I stretched my mouth over the head and sucked on it running my lips up and down the shaft. I enjoyed the sensation of feeling it snake down my throat and tasting his precum. It was getting harder and more difficult to swallow. Now and then he would stroke my back as he gave out involuntary sighs. He pulled a cell phone from underneath the seat, and made a few quick calls. He made arrangements to meet some guys in the park. He told them he had an 18-year-old for them to fuck. My whole body was shaking out of control.
"The cops patrol here, we need to go further in the park," he said. He turned the ignition and put the truck into gear and moved off. He drove with the confidence of knowing where he was going for a fair distance, crossing shallow streams and along narrow tracks with over hanging low branches. Places where you can only get with a 4x4. I had no idea where I was it was scary. We pulled into a clearing it was surrounded by tall trees and dense overgrowth, way off from any popular route. I noticed 3 trucks parked there. Five beefy guys wearing shorts and tight fitting T-shirts and heavy construction boots. Stood around smoking and drinking beer out of bottles. They acknowledged Carl by raising their bottles, then walked over towards us.
Carl parked the truck and opened the driver's door and rolled out of the vehicle. He hadn't bothered to push his cock back into his shorts or zip back up. He turned and grabbed me by the upper arm and pulled me out. He had suddenly started to get aggressive. He pulled me to the back of the truck and unlatched the tailgate; letting it fall with a bang. With a jerk he pulled my T-shirt over my head and tossed it into the bed of the truck. He leaned me over the tailgate and popped the buttons of my jeans and pulled my jeans and briefs down making me step out of them. They were tossed into the bed of the truck. I stood there naked except for just my trainers. "Let's fuck him shall we boys," he said as the others looked on stroking the large bulges in their shorts. He spread a sack on the tailgate then he placed his hands on my waist and lifted me up so I was sitting on the tailgate. He unbuckled his belt and let his cut jeans drop to the ground his cock was now rock hard and dripping precum. He pulled his T-shirt off, revealing his muscle-toned body
He was staring into my eyes as he grasped me around my throat and forced my head backward down onto the surface of the truck bed. I lay on my back face-up with my ass hanging partly over the edge of the tailgate. My legs spread apart and held high in the air. He was standing and choke holding me while finger fucking me with his free hand and lubricating my hole with his saliva, making me groan out loud in pleasure. I kept looking down towards him as he pulled the foreskin back revealing the purple head of his cock. Strands of precum oozed out the pee slit. He turned his head and looked at his buddies they were standing around stroking the bulge in the shorts. "Cute isn't he." I could tell by the look in their lustful eyes that they thought so too. "We're going to give you the fuck of your life boy," he said. I could see his bulging muscles on his shoulders and arms as he leaned into me
He leaned in and pressed the head against my hole, It slipped in making me yelp. A steady thrust and 4" of his 8" plus cock slid into me. I moaned and writhed in slow motion under him as he penetrated me deeper. One final powerful thrust and my sphincter relaxed more and the whole of his cock slid into me. Making me jolt and scream out loud. I could feel his coarse pubic hairs rubbing on my ass He looked down at me with a smile on his face. "My cock feels good in ya tight ass boy". The guys had stripped down to their waists and were pulling their now hard cocks out their shorts and slowly stroking them. I was the focus of their attention. They were joking and engaged in sexual innuendo talk among them selves. Carl started to slide his cock up and down my channel, slowly at first then more vigorously. My back was flat down on the truck bed; he still had the choke hold on me. I had my arms stretched out and gripped the rim of the truck bed with my hands.
He pounded my ass for several minutes then let go of my throat and gripped my thighs so he could penetrate me deeper, he was starting to sweat the muscles of his glistening torso flexed and relaxed as he continued to fuck me in this position. I suddenly gave out a loud moan as my body twisted and contorted under him as I ejaculated over both Carl's naked chest and mine. I saw the surprised look on his face then a smile. I could feel his cock throbbing in my channel as his body stiffened. He was moaning out loudly. I felt the strong jets of cum squirting into my channel as he continued to thrust and hold
He was inhaling and exhaling rapidly as he slowed his thrusting into me until he pulled out. He turned to his buddies and said, "he's all yours." A hairy chest muscular guy with his shorts around his ankles grabbed my legs before I had time to put them down and rammed his hard cock into my wet warm hole. He pressed his hands down on my shoulders pinning me down onto the truck bed. "We're going to turn you into a whore boy," he said looking down at me and smiling. 5 cocks of very different shapes and sizes fucked me. Each would slam into me shooting his load before giving way to the next guy. Sperm juice was oozing out my ass.
When the 5th guy had fucked me on the truck, Carl was ready to fuck me agen. He pulled me off the truck and forced me down onto all fours. He kneeled behind me and cupped his left hand under my chin pulling my head slightly back. He had his right hand on my shoulder forcing me to arch my back. I felt the head of his hard cock sliding along the crack of my ass then a sharp pain as he thrust into my hole. One of the other guys knelt in front of me, he made me lick his balls before he told me to suck on his hard cock. Carl was thrusting his cock in and out of my ass so hard I heard a slapping sound and felt his pubic hairs hitting my ass cheek tops.
My cock was swinging up and down as threads of cum shot out my pee slit. I was so excited that I ejaculated for a second time. The guy fucking my face was shouting "COME ON BOY YOU CAN TAKE IT ALL," as he thrust his cock deep down my throat making me gag. My mouth was filling with saliva. He held my head between his hands and thrust until he had all his cock deep down my throat. "GOOD BOY" he said as he stroked my hair. After a few minutes I felt a trickle of warm sperm in my mouth and then thick ropes of sperm juice hit the roof of my mouth and under my tongue. He pulled his cock out and let the last of his squirts hit my face. Carl's body convulsed as he made a guttural animal sound and squirted his sperm juices into my gut. They both gave way to the next cocks that were to ass and face fuck me. Eventually one of the guys flipped me over and slammed me on my back lifting my legs onto my shoulders. He was ramming his hard cock into me and licking the juices off my face. They continued to fuck me until they couldn't fuck any more.
I lay on the ground. My jaw and ass felt well used and sore and my body ached. They stood around me pulling their shorts up and tucking their flaccid cocks into their shorts. They were laughing at my attempts to stand up. My legs were weak from the pounding and gave way. Carl threw me my clothes and I eventually got dressed. The guys drove off. I climbed into the cab of Carl's truck and we drove off. He pulled his flaccid cock out and told me to lick and suck it clean. I loved the sensation of his sperm covered flaccid cock in my mouth. I could feel it getting hard in my mouth. He looked down at me and said, "you want to spend the night with me?" "HELL YEAH!!!" I said. Call your parents and tell them your sleeping over with a bud. One2one with Carl was so fucking erotic that I made several calls to my parents;)


Fucking Ethan's ass was a dream. Finally I started pumping Ethan's wonderful ass again in California.  While the cock inside him filled his canal over and over again pulling his long golden hair and holding him tight so he doesn't escape the pounding. There Ethan was, sandwiched between two men and loving every feeling his body was experiencing. We worked out a rhythm between the two of us and worked in sync as we continued fucking in that forest. Finally I felt my cock twitch and I came, spurting hot come deep inside him as I moaned and ground himself against his cheeks. I felt the cock inside Ethan pull slowly out of him and come dripped off it and down the back of his smooth  legs.

I quickly entered him and started fucking him with hard, fast strokes, hitting the end of his canal every time I thrust fully up into him. He grunted and groaned as he pushed back against my thrusts until I started coming inside him. My cock spurted hot come deep inside him over and over again as he pushed even harder against me, holding me against him with his arms around my thighs. Rumors were right, this babe turns out to be totally into it with a good habit of taking big cocks.


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